The Capitol was built by enslaved hands. This is the one fun fact left out of by pundits yesterday as white supremacist fascist militia stormed the Capitol. I sat and watched the live coverage, along with millions glued to their screens in fear, in anxiety, in wonder of the whiteness on display. As we watched white men scale fences and break windows pundits were waxing poetically about the beauty of the Capitol. President Elect Biden gave his own love song to the pillar of American democracy, and all I could think — was wasn’t this building built by force.


Lennox Orion

My actual breaking point was so minor in the grand scheme of things. A white person whom I’d known, looked up to, and sat together within a graduate-level race theory class was now calling me an extortionist on Twitter — and something audibly snapped. I have been trying to understand for the past few weeks how this could have happened, how you go from reading the greatest thinkers in critical race studies to blocking two Black non-men on social media. …

Lennox Orion.

I have been engaged in direct giving through mutual aid since before the pandemic. I remember joining my first Facebook group dedicated to mutual aid and finding a space where I could be vulnerable. I could ask for monetary help if I needed it. Could ask for folks to grab medication for me, for them to bring me food, for them to hold me in care when experiencing mental health crises. …

Written by Lennox Orion

When something reveals itself , listen. At the 14 minute mark of this movie a group of on screen characters start chanting “ hell” and I realized as the credits began to roll that it was a fourth wall break — they were trying to warn me just like Lakeith Stanfield’s titular character in Get Out: these characters were trying to warn me, this movie is hell.

Why is this movie so unwatchable that it deserves its comparison to an eternal punishment caused by evil deeds, I’ll explain.

Plot Summary:

Joe is a struggling artist who…

Blood Orange Background. A man with a scary mask and leather jacket holding a sythe covered in blood.
Blood Orange Background. A man with a scary mask and leather jacket holding a sythe covered in blood.

The policing of blood has been apart of indigenous discourses since the first colonial encounter. The colonial state uses blood to racialized the other. Just as the one-drop rule for Black Americans made them Black, one drop of white blood was thought to remove the native from the body — a key tenant of the second phase of the genocide: forced removal of children. Blood has become an identifier of the linkage between being non-native and native — and in this film, blood means those who stay dead and those who come back.

The film drives its heavy-handed metaphor of…

Written by: Lennox Orion

On a whim, I decided to watch the new Hulu series Mrs.America. Upon finishing the final episode that is out I felt this feeling that I could not name, and yet have felt my entire feminist upbringing. It was the feeling of erasure. Of opening your mouth to speak and no one hears the words until you are screaming the kind of scream that shakes your vocal cords — and then they ask why you scream. I am Black as Shirley and felt the tears down my own face watching the movement leave her behind —…

Lennox Orion

Aspiring scholar of critical race and media studies — looking to finally get coin for the free rants I do. I use they/them pronouns. Venmo:Lennox0

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